One day down

The day is over (or it will be in 15 minutes, for me anyway) and I’ve had a total of 7.5 syns.

I did both my walks and burnt around 430 cals

What’s more, I went to the cinema with my friends and whilst they munched on popcorn, I had a tub of grapes *polishes halo*

I was quite hungry when I got home so I had another bowl of the free pasta I’d made at lunchtime.

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to plan tomorrows food but for a rough guideline I will be doing my walks again and for…

Breakfast – Branflakes and strawberries again.

Lunch – Pasta with salad

Dinner – Mushroom risotto

My priority when I get home from the school run tomorrow will be to work out my meal plan properly, for now…it’s bedtime.


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