A fresh start…commitment!

I REALLY need to get back on track with my diet and exercise. These past few weeks I’ve really taken the mick. My mood/energy has been low (sleep problems) and I’ve therefore sabotaged my diet…not good. So I’m planning tomorrow, now…I know if I plan it, I will stick to it. 

F = high in fibre
ff = extra high in fibre
cc = very good source of calcium
ss = extra-low in energy density (super-speed food, boosts weight loss)
H = These foods are particularly nutritious or are important for good health.


Breakfast – 28g Branflakes (F), 250ml milk (cc), strawberries (ss), Agave Nectar (0.5syns for 1 tsp)

Lunch – Pasta (H), carrot (S), mushrooms (S), canned tomatoes (S), Chorizo (2.5syns for 28g), 28g cheese (C)

Dinner – Jacket potato (HH), cottage cheese (0.5syns per 100g), Baked beans (H, ss, F)

Snacks – Fruit, Alpen lights (ff)

Slimming World food groups

Healthy A – 250ml semi-skimmed milk, 28g cheese

Healthy B – Branflakes, 2 x Alpen lights

Super Free – Strawberries, carrot, mushrooms, canned tomato

Free on green – Pasta, jacket potato, Baked beans

Syns – Agave Nectar, Chorizo, Cottage cheese (I’m not sure how much I will use yet, but I’ll measure it to make sure I stay within my syns)


1) Leave car at daughter’s school and walk back home (2 miles)
2) Walk back to school to pick daughter up (2 miles)

I will eventually build my daughter up to walking to school and back, I just need to find the time to do a trial run with her on a weekend so I know what time I need to set off and adjust our routine accordingly.


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