Trying new recipes

I made a promise to myself that I would try harder to try new recipes. I get stuck in a rut, eating the same foods over and over again, I then get bored and turn to “naughty” food to ease my boredom with food. I’m sure this is a familiar story with any dieter healthy eater.

So I’ve been on a mission for new things to try.

The first thing I decided to try my hand at was the Tomato soup recipe that’s been bouncing around my slimming class for a few weeks now. The claim is that it tastes just like Heinz tomato soup. Whilst I can’t backup that claim, it is a very nice soup and doesn’t feel like you’re eating a syn free meal.


Another soup I tried my hand at was leek and potato. Very easy to make and very tasty. This one was a hit with the small people that are squatting in my house, so I recommend this for anyone with a famiy. I’ll write up a recipe later if anyone would like to make it.

The other recipes I tried were in an attempt to keep my addiction of chicken caesar salad going. I succeeded in finding a way to have caesar dressing without eating into my syns! *Happy*

I used this recipe for the dressing, but instead of using 100ml of oil, I used 60ml so it worked out at 1 healthy B per person . On top I have the sticky chicken from the slimming world website…VERY tasty, I highly recommend it.

Today I received a new fitness DVD.
No I’m not a Coronation Street fan, I bought it because the instructor on the DVD, is a girl I was friends with in school. The funny thing is, I used to go to aerobics with her, so doing the workout is like working out with her all over again (or maybe not haha).

I may be bias, but as far as DVD workouts go, this was a really good one. I enjoyed doing it, the moves were explained well, but challenging enough to keep me interested and I felt like I’d had a really good workout at the end.


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