I love sushi. I don’t know why I don’t make it more often. It’s cheap to make, it fits in with Slimming World and it’s yummy!

I was browsing Ebay to see how much it would be to get some rice moulds like these

and I remembered I had something similar that my friend Alex had bought me (or the kids, I forget now), they’re actually for making ice cream sandwiches but they’re perfect for making rice moulds for sushi

I used the pig one (my youngest daughter, Anara, ran off with the other two) and I made Anara a couple of pig shaped sushi

Both are filled with tuna mayo and roasted vegetables.

she was very excited about her lunch and dove straight in


She didn’t end up eating it. It’s hard to say whether she’s just gone off it or not, because she put too much into her mouth and sometimes choking on a meal can put her off it. Funny that.

Oh dear, what a shame…more for me and Daniel 😛

This served 2 of us and there was a little left over once we were both full to bursting…so it might even serve 3 people.

4/5 sheets of Nori – free
250g sushi rice – free
2 tbsp rice vinegar – free
1 tbs mirin – 1 syn
1 tsp sugar – 1 syn
1 tsp salt – free

Tuna/mayo – syns depend on how much mayo you use – tuna free on extra easy
roasted veg – free

but you could put whatever you want in the middle, prawns, asparagus, beef…anything you fancy.

to make it fit with the Extra Easy plan you can either fill all your rolls with 1/3 veg, or you could have some raw veg on the side, or even a little salad.
We also had a boiled egg on the side because everyone loves a boiled egg 😛


2 responses

  1. Hi where did you get your ingredients from……..lakeland plastics do some great gadgets for sushi not expensive either…the moulds look fab!!!

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