Extra Easy plate

I’m sure most of you are now familiar with this…

The USDA came up with a new visual aid (above) to replace the old food pyramid (below)

food pyramid

I’m not convinced it’s the best system really. What I am convinced about, is the Extra Easy plate made by a lovely lady in the Tuesday Morley group.

Isn’t it fab!?!

It’s going to take pride of place on my kitchen wall as a reminder.

This week I’m giving the Extra Easy plan a go. It’s forcing me to rejig my meal plans and think up new, exciting meals to eat. This is a good thing, I often get stuck eating the same meals, over and over again and eventually get bored. That is usually when I fall off the wagon.

Yesterday we tried a BBQ chicken recipe that was mentioned in class Thursday night. We served it with Slimming World chips and roast veg as the 1/3 free food. It was a delicious meal and I didn’t feel like I was eating a diet meal.

Thursday night we tried the KFC chicken recipe. We found it a little too salty so I’m going to be tweaking this recipe to suit my own taste…I’ll keep you posted on that progress.

Tonight I fancy trying a new recipe. Stuffed red peppers filled with rice, chicken and veg, topped with cheese from my HeA allowance…yum!


One response

  1. awww thank you for buying one!!

    I hope when you look at it …it inspires you….had some lovely feed back about the plates
    thanks for your support.


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