When things go wrong

Yesterday was not a good diet day.

I started out with the strongest willpower I’ve ever had and slowly throughout the day my bad day stripped me of all willpower until I wanted to eat bad things as a way to punish the world for making me miserable all day….we all know, of course, that the only one that would’ve been punished would’ve been me.

My bad day started with me getting up too late. This resulted in me having no time to eat a healthy breakfast before doing the school run. I had to drop my eldest daughter off at school, then drive over to my Mum’s house to drop off my youngest (who was spending the morning with Nanna). I decided that I would simply have nothing t eat before the school run and have a nice relaxing, healthy breakfast when I got back from my Mum’s. I would be sans children so it would be fabulous.

I got to my Mums and straight away was offered a buttered scone. I love scones but declined…I WOULD have a good day. My daughter was offered a scone too but decided she didn’t want it after taking one bite, so she passed it to me. I could’ve eaten it myself, but I passed it straight to my Mum so I didn’t eat it.

I left my Mum’s house, drove to the supermarket for a salad spinner (My husband managed to melt ours  in the dishwasher) and I was going to have salad for my lunch. Drove home to find I’d left my house keys in the change bag, the change bag was at my Mums for my youngest daughter….argh!!!

I drove all the way back to my Mums, got my keys and drove home…AGAIN!

By the time I got home it was 11.15am and I had to set off again at 11.30am to collect my eldest from school (she’s in part time nursery) so there was no time to make and eat the porridge I’d planned on, so I had nothing.In hindsight, I should’ve eaten an Alpen light or a yogurt to keep me going.

My eldest and I arrived home at 12pm, both ravenous. I had the added benefit of a bad mood (I get grumpy when hungry) I had a few choice words go through my head before asking my daughter if she wanted fish and chips for lunch. She’s 4yrs so of course jumped at the chance. Fish and chips are a rarity in our house, despite the fact that we live almost next door to a fish and chip shop (mainly because I’m not really a fan) but yesterday I was not in any kind of mood to eat salad and the chip shop also removed the hassle of thinking of something to make my daughter (not a chance would she eat salad with me)

So we had fish and chips 😦 No, I didn’t enjoy them, yes, I regretted it afterwards, but in that moment I was in the land of ‘don’t care’ I’m sure we’ve all been there…there’s an express bus directly there and it’s all to easy to trip and fall onto said bus.

There were other factors making my day, not a good one. I had people (and by people I mean my Mum and sister) at my house in the afternoon tempting me with cake, chocolate, almongst other things. I resisted some and not others. The evening wasn’t much better, but I was semi-saved by my wonderful, supportive husband. We were out in the evening at a welcome meeting for my daughters new school, it was well after 8pm by the time it finished and we had to pop into the supermarket for something to eat (since neither of us had had our dinner at this point). I wanted pizza, he put his foot down and said no, that I would regret it and it would make my mood worse, so he compromised and we had fajita’s. Not exactly slimming world friendly but much better than the pizza I was ready to consume.

So there you have it. My diet confession.

Today I’m back on track.


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