Strawberry meringue pudding

I’m afraid I can’t lay claim to this pudding. A friend of mine introduced me to it and I’ve been addicted ever since. Her version used mango, but you can use whatever fruit you like. Today I’m using strawberries.


Extra special meringue nest – 3 syns
1 tbsp of low fat Creme Frais – 1.5 syns
Strawberries – free
Squeeze of lime juice – free

Total – 4.5 syns

There is a lower syned creme frais which I will seek out and try, it’s called President Creme Fraiche, Extra Light. 1 level tbsp is 0.5 syns.

You put a meringue nest on a plate, put a tbsp of creme frais on top of the meringue, put the strawberries on top of that and squeeze some fresh lime juice over the top and enjoy 🙂

You could also use a fat free yogurt instead of creme frais if you wanted to make it even lower syns.


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