Endomondo Walking Workout

Exercise, I feel, is just as important as a healthy diet. I try my best to incorporate exercise whereever I can into my daily wanderings because I don’t always have time to dedicate specific time to it.

One of the ways I get some exercise is on the school run. My daughter’s school is just over a 3 mile walk in total (there and back combined)

The walk there is slow because I have a 4 year old in tow, but as I’ve said before, this journey is just as much for my children as it is for me, so I’m encouraging her to walk more and more. We talk about the benefits of walking and of eating healthy food, whilst being careful not to project my weight issues onto her. We talk in terms of having lots of energy to run about and play, and growing big and strong.

The 1.53 mile walk was hard on her to begin with, but now she walks there quite happily, not a single complaint emerges from her lips.

The walk back is much more taxing. It’s all uphill and some of those gradients are killers. It works out well for me because I get to walk the easy downhill walk with my 4 year old and power walk the uphill walk back with a 2 stone child on my back (I babywear), therefore getting a good workout.
It’s like wearing weights with the added benefit of not having a great big buggy to push around 😉

When I remember, I track my exercise on an application called Endomondo on my phone. It tells me how far, how fast, calories burnt (obviously this is only an estimation and I was unable to add the 2 stone child on my back without it affecting all my other workouts) but it’s a good indicator and I do love my little graphs and tracking applications.

So my Endomondo stats are as follows. You’ll have to click the link to get calories and other details.

“was out walking 1.53 miles in 32m:25s using Endomondo.

via Endomondo Walking Workout.”

There is a friends system on there if anyone wants to join me in tracking their exercise…maybe you walk to work everyday? or cycle, or have a walk around at lunchtime, or maybe you’re like me and walk your child/ren to school every day…it all adds up.


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