A happy mistake

Completely by mistake I happened upon the Greek style Muller fruit corners.


I was actually after the Bio yogurt corners (which I highly recommend by the way), but the fruit ones are what ended up in my fridge. I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed when I realised and actually planned on feeding them to my children, but after a hunger inducing children’s party, I came home with a rumbly tummy and only these yogurts to snack on. I naughtily snarfed one before checking the syn value, it was that or I was going to eat bread, cheese, and I’m sure some Branston Pickle would’ve made it’s way in there too, so this seemed like the better choice.

If you’re like me and dislike the taste of fat free, sweetner filled yogurt, then you might get on better with these. They’re not syn free. The one I ate is the Apricot honey flavour and 4 syns per pot, as is the Black cherry, but the summer fruits is 3.5 syns. I personally think they are totally worth the extra syns. I enjoyed every mouthful and it satisfied my hunger until dinner time. I think they might become a regular in our shopping basket.


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