Bento help

For my birthday a good friend of mine bought me a Bento lunch box. It is helping me so much with my diet right now. Every *work* day I can’t wait to fill my box with lots of healthy goodies.

This was todays lunch

In the pink box are chunks of pineapple with green grapes and for lunch I had somen stir fry with vegetarian gyoza with spicy dipping sauce

Somen Stir Fry (shared by 2 people)
200g chicken (Healthy B)
1/2 green pepper (Free)
1/4 carrot (Free)
100g somen (Free)
Fry light (free)
1 tsp sake (no idea about the syns, but I guess they will be negligible)
1/2 soy sauce (free)
Red pepper flakes (I can’t find a syn value for this)

I’ve eaten lots of fruit this week and lots of fresh veg and since Sunday I’ve had little to no syns.

More bento lunches



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