Oh dear

Only day 2 of my slimming blog and already I’ve fallen off my wagon 😐

The day started off well. Porridge for breakfast (with a tsp of honey), noodles for lunch (2 syns) and a Hifi bar with a coffee when my daughter went down for a nap…but today she decided to go down for a second nap and I got bored…I decided to bake to pass the time and made some scones. I was determined not to eat any and to palm them off on my family tomorrow but putting freshly baked scones in front of a dieter is like putting an alcoholic drink in front of an AA member…it’s my own fault, I should’ve crocheted or cleaned *sigh*

here is the culprit

The good thing is they are only small and when I get a moment I will work out their syn value. It shouldn’t be too bad and I have a healthy meal planned for tonight; chilli con carne with veg (instead of rice)


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